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Bigpond movies registered devices

Whats the go with this bigpond register device crap. Your allowed 5, only thing is the same device has registed muliply times, TV there 3 times and PC twice, then tells me ive reached my device limit, and have to wait a month to change it. For such a large company, you really know how to mess things up. How about for once you just make things work, just work, no excusses.

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Re: Bigpond movies registered devices

We have the same issue here, will have to call to complain and hopefully they'll deleted the registered devices
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Re: Bigpond movies registered devices

I am having the same issue....in the middle of watching a movie on our lg smart tv and it stops and says the same thing. We only have laptop and tv registered.....very frustrating. I phoned last night but nobody has fotten back to me
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Bigpond movies registered devices

HI jochitty, 

Sorry to hear that you have had trouble registering your TV with Bigpond Movies. 

Please go through our support guide on How to set up Bigpond Movies

If you are still unable to get it functioning correctly please go through further steps as outlined in the BigPond Movies Technical Support Page

If none of the above tools resolves your issue, please get in touch with BigPond Movies support on 1800502502 (11am - 10pm AEST)

Regards - 


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