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Rentals not appearing in library

Twice now ()within a week) I’ve rented movies. The payment has been made/confirmed and a paid invoice has been emailed to me. On both occasions the rentals have not appeared in the library. I’ve now been on the 1800 help line for 45 minutes and still waiting (despite the recorded message adding a team member will be with me shortly). The first time I sent an email but the reply was of no use and I was advised to call the 1800 number (which I am still waiting on unanswered).

Not really good enough.

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Re: Rentals not appearing in library

We are having the exact same problem. Checked transaction list and have been charged twice for movie purchase (not rental) with no movie in library. The same thing happened last night with rental, got charged twice for that one too! It finally appeared in library but not for about 20 mins. I have been on hold with bigpond 1800 for over 40 mins also with no avail.
Had better get refund for extra rental and 2 movie purchases!!!
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Rentals not appearing in library

Hi Folks,

I am sorry that you've had trouble with downloading movies, I can see how that would be a cause of frustration.

If you reach out to the billing team on the following secure chat link they can  look into this further for you

Get back to me if I can help further.


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