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Why do you keep blaming the customer?


Trying to watch a HD movie on Netflix using my new LG Smart TV that is connected to my modem via an ethernet cable. My internet speeds are fine - 45-37 mps, consistently. Test via speedtest.net and using CMD prompts to test domain. Movie is unwatchable - constantly freezing/buffering. I had to stop watching it. 


I called to request a refund - and I was given one. But, also advised by "tech support" that I should restart my router (why ever?) and to "reset" my TV by unplugging and turning it off for five minutes. Decided to humour this bulls*t response - still the same problem. I have to say I am so tired of calling tech support and being told the problem is on my end. I won't be using this service again. Movie is completely unwatchable. Pausing for up to 4 minutes at a time. Worst part is that now I want to see the end... so thanks for that Telstra. - Yet, another unhappy x-customer

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