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2 week internet outage - how to secure rebate on billing for downtime

Our internet has been down for 16 days - it is a cable connection that was damaged in the storms. 
We have been in contact with Telstra multiple times - they have booked us in for NBN installation next week. In the mean time they said they'd send us a smart modem so we could use the internet in the interim - they said delivery could take up to 5 days. We are now up to Day 16 without internet.

They did offer us mobile data in the initial phone call on day 2 of outage, but we are not on Telstra mobile plans - each family member has burnt through their data due to this outage in our every day running of our lives. 

This is a despicable amount of time to have lack of action on Telstra's behalf. 

How can we go about getting rebate for our regular internet monthly bill for the time that we have been without internet?


I am not seeking compensation for our data usage through our mobile provider - simply need to secure rebate on our regular bill for the appalling amount of time we have not had an internet connection to our home. We are paying for a service and we are not receiving appropriate action to fix the situation. Irregardless of whether or not we have NBN or cable, we should not be without a connection for this long. 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: 2 week internet outage - how to secure rebate on billing for downtime

Give 132200 a call and speak to billing. Normally you need to wait until service is restored before they will apply a credit to the bill, but if you've gone past the end of a billing period then they should be able to apply a credit to that component.

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