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Accessory Repayment Option and Telstra Mobile Assure

I have just checked my bill and found that I'm being charged $25 per month for ARO and TMA. I never agreed to these charges and was specifically told by the sales assistant that I could choose $300 worth of accessories in store for free. I queried this and was assured twice that there was no charge for the accessories. Please explain!

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Re: Accessory Repayment Option and Telstra Mobile Assure

Do you have a credit on the service as well? 


Sometimes what they will do is have a $10 ARO and then it will be balanced off with a $10 credit, so technically it is being charged but at a effective rate of $0 per month, it is a bit of a bad habit that some of the licensed partner stores do... If it was not meant to be done or has not been balanced with a credit (thus making it technically true that you are paying nothing) then your best bet is to go back to the store and sort it out with the agent/manager or failing that lodge an official complaint so that the complaints team can investigate for you.


With Mobile Assure that is the insurance-like coverage for the swap plans, my understanding is that can be removed at any time so the billing team or if you are going back to the store to question the ARO then they should be able to remove it too.



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Re: Accessory Repayment Option and Telstra Mobile Assure

Thanks DrQ I'll check it out,

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