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Advance Billing

I recently signed up for a new home and mobile plan in mid-February, and I knew the first bill would be higher than normal with connection fees etc. The first bill came in early March and charged me for the part of February that I had used the phone plan and also for the month of March in advance. This is all fine and I paid it promptly. 

My next bill came this morning and was charging me for the month of March again. Thinking it was a simple mistake I called up Telstra to rectify the issue. I spoke with someone called Arbie and he told me that I do in fact have to pay for the month of March twice, likening it to a bond on a rental property, and that it would be credited to my account if I changed my package. If I didn't change my package, well... he didn't seem to be able to explain what would happen then very well. It sounded like I would lose it.

Does this seem right? Has this happened to anyone else?

I don't mind paying for the month in advance, but paying for the same month twice just seems suspicious. If they need a bond, why not just call it that?


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Re: Advance Billing

So they run on an advance billing system.


So the first bill has a prorata part month charge and a full month in advance.


So the first bill would be say for a $100 bundle

15 JUN - 30 JUN xBundle $50

1 JUL - 30 JUL xBundle $100


The next bill should be 

31 JUL - 30 AUG xBundle $100


So at the first day of the billing cycle, in this example the 31/1st each month you will be a full month in advance, and you start to use the month that you just paid for in advance. What happens is that if you change your plan or you cancel the service at that stage you will get a part month credit for the unused portion of the month in advance. So if you cancelled on say the 15th in the same example you would get a prorata credit of $50 back on your first bill after the change or your final bill if you cancelled all services on the account.


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Re: Advance Billing

It's not paying for the month in advance I have a problem with. 


Bill number 1:


20 Feb - 1 Mar (part month charge)

2 Mar - 1 Apr (advance charge)


Paid in full before due date.



Bill number 2:


2 Mar - 1 Apr (Double Dipping?!!)





Support Team
Support Team

Re: Advance Billing

Hi Nic39, 


The first bill you mention includes a pro rata charge and a full month charge in advance is that correct? 

The second bill is then the total of a standard month charge? 

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