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Billed for a bundle signed up for months ago but I don't have this service!

I signed up for a premium bundle over 3 months ago and have had nothing but problems the first time telstra said I cancellled the bundle? Why would I do that ? Anyway I was treated really bad that time to look like a dummy so we set up new bundle I was assured it would be setup this time and unfortunately no it wasn't ! Here's the great part I've been getting billed for this bundle and when I called telstra it takes hours of talking to people from overseas just to understand what's going on that they give up and don't understand ??  so now to a new level all my services have been disconnected because I didn't pay the bill for a service I'm not getting ??? Ombudsman time?

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Re: Billed for a bundle signed up for months ago but I don't have this service!


In Business Hours I would ring 132200 and say "Disconnections"

That will go to a very good team in Adelaide, if you ring in business hours

They are great with these issues

Hope that helps

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Re: Billed for a bundle signed up for months ago but I don't have this service!

I've had the exact same issue, it's been mistake after mistake and a ridicolous amount of miscommunication on their end, I was asked to re-order the bundle and they were offering something totally different, in the end I told them this is your mess and for them to call me back when it's fixed because i was tired of the back and forth, that was on monday and I havent heard back from them.
Check out the link below.

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Re: Billed for a bundle signed up for months ago but I don't have this service!

I signed up for a bundle ages ago, Foxtel unit replaced with T-box, a dreadful piece of equipment that a step back in time, Finally the unit failed. Contacted Telstra and the unit was tested by them as faulty. After a bout a week having heard nothing more from Telstra or the arrival of a technician I rang Telstra only to be informed I needed to personally return the T-box to Telstra. How and where do I do that? We (telstra) send you a mail; bag and you put all the cables and T=box in the bag and take it to the Post Office. Some time later having still heard nothing I rang Telstra again and complained of the wonderful service I was NOT getting, Next morning a replacement T-box arrived. It's better than the old one but still leaves much to be desired when compared to the Foxtel unit.

Latest Telstra problem NO Internet and No Cable TV. Blackout in Rozelle with a resultant voltage spike. Fault occurred on Saturday 27 June 2015 not repaired until Saturday 4 July 2015. Advised a major outage!! Truth a number of Line Amplifiers destoyed by voltage spike. Line Amplifiers only take a few minutes to replace obviously Telstra does not employ enough technical staff to provide timely service.

Fault reporting staff in Philippines. Promised to fix fault in 48hours, Monday 29 June, Wednesday  1 July, Friday 3 July. Fault FINALLY fixed Saturday 4 July.


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