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Call diversion costs when overseas

Hi there, so I recently departed Australia after changing from a monthly plan to a long-term $70 prepaid plan. I then set unconditional call-diversion to an Australian number, but I keep my phone on so that I can receive sms text messages from my bank in Australia etc. I have always done this abroad when with Optus.


However, with Telstra, I just found out that, even though an Australian number called my Australian mobile number and got diverted within Australia to an Australian landline number, I was charged $0.06 per 30 seconds diversion fee AND $2.50 per minute roaming fee.


I have put in enquiries, even a complaint, etc, but as far as I can make out (since I can find no-where on Telstra's site where it is explained completely), Telstra's method of unconditional call diversion will require it to contact the phone overseas before diverting, thus costing a roaming charge for the entire length of the call. In other words, it is actually more expensive than receiving teh call directly without the diversion - go figure that out.


I used to be on Optus and given the same conditions, they do not charge the roaming fees, because for them, far more sensibly, an unconditional divert on calls takes the location of the phone out of the equation, with the diversion immediate within the Australian network; just what one would logically think should happen. In fact, if one looks on their tips page to help reduce overseas costs, Optus recommend this: Consider switching on unconditional call diversions to stop calls routing to you overseas before they go to voicemail or another phone.


It is unfortunate that the main carrier Telstra is unable to technically/logically/morally do what Optus is able to do. I wasted $70 on diverted calls, and am told I will not be refunded. So, it means in order to have a sensible diversion plan, I will have to move back to Optus.


So, I have placed this message here to make it plain and clear to all who might search for this topic, that this is the case. Telstra charges both a call diversion charge, plus a roaming charge if you are overseas at the time of the diversion. Plus, I also write this in the hope that if more people complain about such a thing, perhaps one day Telstra will change their policy; but I do not hold my breath of course Smiley Wink


I welcome any thoughts on the matter.

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