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Can't get billing right

I have called Telstra 3 times in the last 3 months to clear this up. I am supposed to be charged $80 per month for my bundle, (internet + phone), but they keep charging me $89.95! How can I get them to invoice me the correct amount???

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Re: Can't get billing right

Is there a $9.95 charge at the bottom of the bill that says something along the lines of BigPond Security?

If so, call up to have them take it off.
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Re: Can't get billing right

That just cannot be done.  I have been trying to do that for many months.  When they make a bill correction they warn you that it will take two billing periods to appear on your bill. So the next month's bill is also wrong.  You cant pay it and that causes all sorts of new problems.  You might even be fined.  Neve believe them when they tell you that it is all sorted out now, because it never is.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Can't get billing right

Hi MX5,

For your own peace of mind you can contact the secure online chat team and have them go over everything to confirm the correction has been made, then they can email you a copy of the conversation, and you can print and save it at your end too.


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