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Change device provisioned in app billing email adress

Hi I have my device provisioned for in app billing under my old email address Google account which is for a my old male name. I have recently changed my email into my new female name but when I go to use in app billing or any subscription service it say "device not provisioned" yet under my male address or Google account it does. Can you please tell me how to change the account so my new female account is provisioned. I've tried changing email address in the Telstra 24 7 app but no luck. I have a Google pixel 2 xl taimen.

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Re: Change device provisioned in app billing email adress

Little confused about which subscription services you are talking about.
In most cases, if they are tied to your Google account, then you are going to have to cancel the subscriptions in your old account and reestablish them using your new account.

If you want your Telstra bill to be emailed to your new email address, go in through the Telstra website, rather than the app (

If you need your Telstra account changed in to your new name (I'm assuming that you have legally changed your name through Births, Deaths & Marriages), then give 132200 a call and they can walk you through the process that you will need to go through to provide your change of name documentation.

If your subscriptions are done through your Telstra account and they use your primary Telstra email address, then that is a bit more difficult and I don't think that the primary email address can be changed without causing all sorts of issues.
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Re: Change device provisioned in app billing email adress

Well sorry you didn't get what I meant I have fixed it now. It is a Google Play with which email is provisioned for IAP its not a Telstra account issue. And yes I have changed my name. I'm talking about subscription like Google Play music and things done through IAP.

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