Level 4: Private Eye

Complaint issues

Does Telstra actually make attempts to contact customers with a complaint or do they just close it off because they are lazy?


My complaint was lodged on 12.01.2020 with SR 1-2332780994270


The emails I have received state that they tried calling and emailing on 17.01.2020 and 21.01.2020 with no contact being successful.


Well my call log shows no calls and my emails are the ones saying they tried to contact me.


Yes, I have searched my junk mail.

Yes, my phone can receive private numbers but is switched off at work for security reasons.

Yes, my email is able to be used but again is not accessible from work due to security reasons.

No, my work phone is not to be contacted as it could literally mean life or death for a vulnerable customer.

No, my work email can not be contactable due to it not being a work related reason and a potential security risk.


I can TRY to get time to be contactable during work hours but my job is actually highly important to some highly vulnerable people.


So generally time off of the phones at work is not possible.


Any GENUINE attempts will be recorded, so far I have 2 emails saying not able to contact me. Get it together and have your complaints team actually do some work.


So if by 28.01.2020 I have not received any contact by EMAIL then I will go ahead and assume the TIO is the correct route to go to have Telstra fix the issue.


So please make sure your complaints team action this by my preferred contact method as I have requested numerous times.

I always give people a concrete guarantee. Once it leaves my concrete there is no guarantee.

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Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Complaint issues

I have made several complaints in the past and each time I was contacted within 5 business days of making the complaint. Having your phone turned off during normal business hours does not make it easy for Telstra to contact you.

Level 4: Private Eye

Re: Complaint issues

While my phone being off can be a potential issue, I did clearly state that it would be off due to work hours and that I am contactable by email.


My original complaint had the exact information in it and my contact information with them is up to date.


Not sure why email is not something they can do, considering it is an actual option that customer's can ask for. And they state in the email that customer's can use it.

I always give people a concrete guarantee. Once it leaves my concrete there is no guarantee.
Level 1: Cadet

Re: Complaint issues

I disagree with C4 and I would add I have had the same issue.  The difference may be that I am a business customer and have 10 sites (so provide Telstra material business) yet my complaints officer has simply ignored 4 emails following up on my complaints compensation application... no acknowledgment of receipt or any form of response.  After ringing Telstra yesterday, I was told my complaint had been closed by the case officer.  After informing them that I did not consider the matter closed, what did they do?  Refer me back to the same case officer who still does not respond in any form.  I am seeking to escalate the matter.  While I suspect Telstra has a strategy of simply seeking to wear down people who complain so they go away, there is a point where this is simply not cost effective.

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