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Foxtel bills are a month in advance?

My original documentation when I signed up for Foxtel with Telstra said that I would be paying in advance each month for the minimum payment for my package for the next month (then any extra usage eg Movies purchased during the current billing period is added on). So my July bill contains the advance payment for August.

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Re: Foxtel bills are a month in advance?

Yes, that is correct. You pay for the subscription in advance and extras that occur during the billing period in the next bill.

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Re: Foxtel bills are a month in advance?

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately the Telstra system and the support staff don't seem to agree.  After cancelling my Foxtel from Telstra service in mid August, they still debited my account in September. Then support told me it was because the monthly fee is postpaid and any prorata refund (which still hasn't been sent) would be from the September fee. So here goes lots more time wasted trying to rectify the issue.

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Re: Foxtel bills are a month in advance?

If the bill was already generated before the disconnection took place, the pro rated credit will land on the account and will subtract from the amount owing, however the direct debit will still simply take the amount of new charges on the bill. 

On your following bill, there will be a prorated credit and if this was the only service on your account, you'll be able to contact Telstra to have it deposited into a bank account

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