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Fraudulent account set up - Telstra bullying

I recently received a debt collection notice from D&B for a Telstra account that is not mine. When I called Telstra, we established that the account and mobile phone order had been set up fradulently online by someone using my name address DOB and a fake DL number. The Telstra agent who had set up the account had cleary done neither a credit check nor checked that I am an existing customer of Telstra. They then said they would refer it to the fraud team and I would get a call.


I never received a call - but did get another debt demand from D&B. I rang Telstra again - and the ONLY way that I can get Telstra to stop credit collection activity is to go to a Telstra shop with a 1) a statuatory declaration, 2) 3 forms of ID, 3) proof of my address. Telstra will then appoint a case manager - who can (may) be able to stop D&B.


When I asked why the onus was on me given Telstra not run a proper credit check - the staff member kept repeating what I had to do.


Telstra is doing this again and again to people - with others reporting that even when they had jumped through all Telstra's hoops - they still kept getting debt notices. Putting the onus on the vicitims of fraud, who are vicitms due to telstra's poor credit checking practices, is completely irresponsible and bullying. See this example too:

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Re: Fraudulent account set up - Telstra bullying

This is the same as my case. If Telstra had been so diligent on checking the ID when the fraudulent activity happened, it should not have happened!

As I pointed out to my case manager(I use that in the loosest of terms as there is no managing) if telstra investigated this activity and it actually came to prove that I was the fraudulent one I would be liable for fraud and I certainly would not want to bring that on.

I feel the same, that Telstra is using bullying tactics demanding the Police report etc and then acusing me of not being willing to cooperate with them. They then had the gall to send me an email saying they were sorry that we couldn't reach a compromise, when there was no attempt at a compromise on their behalf. I had indicated to them that I would get a stat dec witnessed by a JP and have my ID authenticated by the JP as well but they have not even acknowleged that. 

They also have not suggested going into a telstra shop as the replier to my post suggested. (I live 120km away from the closest T shop.)

I have reported this to the TIO so I hope they can do something!!

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Fraudulent account set up - Telstra bullying

Hi Anni12


Due to the amount of fraudulent activity that has been reported in recent times, Telstra has tightened up it's security processes to ensure that these issues should no longer arise

This includes having to provide additional information other than Name, DOB, Drivers Licence number, and address, We now have the facility to send SMS asking for confirmation of Pin numbers, asking for additional account specific information that only people who have access to the Customer account can provide. 


Have you lodged a Complaint Lodging a complaint with Telstra so a Case Manager can be assigned to assist in getting this sorted? 


Kind Regards

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