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Handset payout fee on a $0 handset repayment

Hi Approximately 13 months ago I signed up for the Google Pixel 2 XL $0 handset repayment on the $59 (-$10 port in credit). In my app I was given a banner to upgrade my plan and saw the $69 BYO plan (-$20 for promo credit). I checked online prior to upgrading and was under the assumption that as I was upgrading to a $59 plan to $69 plan I would not incur any charges. I went through my phone portal asking me login to "upgrade existing service". During the whole process I was not advised of any fees and went through the process. I was a bit concerned that there would be a hidden fee and immediately spoke to Telstra Chat who advised me that there would be no termination/handset fee. However fast forward to today 3 weeks later I have received my bill and Telstra Complaints are not willing to budge saying I must pay the handset fee? I am paying the same amount as I was previously and have the chat logs but the Telstra Complaints Case manager does not care. I have lodged this complaint with TIO. What are my next options? I even advised the Case Manager that I would be happy to extend my plan for an additional 12 months to compensate however the case manager would not negotiate... "Camille: since this is an upgrade there and you are eligible to upgrade there will be no early termination fees" is what the chat operator stated. However the Case Manager is stating I cancelled my contract. I disagree I upgraded my plan as my plan was due to terminate on the 04/20 and is now due to terminate 05/20. I even asked to be reverted back to the old plan but still the Case Manager won't budge. At a lost here. Waiting for TIO to step in.

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