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How to enforce an agreement with the TIO and Telstra?

Have you ever heard of an issue where Telstra - by error - pays you a direct CREDIT each month? You haven't? That's because if Telstra is accidentally paying you, they fix it immediately.


On the other hand, if Telstra has a repeating issue, they don't mind how long it takes, because the DIRECT DEBIT keeps pulling it out of your account.


I have emailed, chatted, and phoned. Everyone is rather polite, but its clear to me that the processes are designed to prevent people from fixing the issue. The oversease contact centre people have strict processes they must follow - but these stop things being resolved.


The complaints team looks at 'hard issues' and just ignores them. 


I want to ensure that every reasonable avenue is pursued before pushing it back to the TIO for another order because that's a waste of everyone's time.


For other users here is my advice:


1. DO NOT USE DIRECT DEBIT. That is for two reasons:


a. Telstra is very good - so long as you do not run into a major problem that's outside of the ascripts for contact centre and complaints people. If that happens, Telsta's systems are designed to make it so difficult that you'll leave (it must be cheaper for the customer to leave than to resolve it). This is what I did.


b. Even if you leave, you still need to claw back overbillings. Because Telstra already has the money, its not really a priority for them. Its cheaper for them to wait for a chargeback or a direction from the TIO. Even upon getting a direction, if they ignore it for a while, they can hope you'll go away and not worry about the money.


2. Don't get frustrated with Telstra.


Getting frustrated with Telstra is like getting frustrated with the ocean. The ocean doesn't care if you are there or not. It just is. Same with Telstra. They don't care if you are a customer or not, they just do their thing. Once you accept that, its easy to understand why complaints don't get resolved, and why you should just move. Its what Telstra wants, and its just easier for you.



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: How to enforce an agreement with the TIO and Telstra?

Hi FrusrtatedC, 


I'm sorry to hear you've been having such difficulty with getting this direct debit resolved and can appreciate this would have been frustrating to navigate.


Whenever you're having issues with something of this nature we do recommend reaching out to us on to live chat, over the phone or in store as they will be able to get to you much sooner.


That being said, were you still needing assistance with this? 


Happy to help where I can.


- Matty

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Re: How to enforce an agreement with the TIO and Telstra?

Are you saying that Telstra is not following an order made by the TIO?

In the unlikely event that is so, you should be in  touch with the TIO, as Telstra and all members of the TIO "plan" want to keep the complaint at the lowest possible level, as the telecommunications companies actually pay more as the level of complaint rises.




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