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How to find out exactly how much is charged to Cap Credit for a voice call on Cap Encore prepaid?

Any calls that I make 6am to 6pm on a Cap Encore prepaid account are charged against cap bonus credit (until that runs out).  However, it seems that there is no way to find out how much (in cap bonus credit dollars) has actually been charged for a particuar call. 


For these calls, MyAccount, the 24x7 App and 1258888 all show the call charge as $0.00.  Thus, there appears to be no simple way of checking that Telstra gets their sums right when they charge calls against the bonus credit.  Other calls eg to Messagebank are charged against Recharge credit (ie real money), and these amounts do appear.


I have raised this lack of proper accountability via a Chat session (involving four different Telstra people), and one at last understood my problem and agreed to refer it to his case manager.


Today, in response, I received a phone call from someone who seemed to understand my problem, but couldn'i promise to fix it.  She did say that I could get the required information for my last 20 calls by dialling 1258888 from my Telstra mobile.  So what was the result?  The charges for the last FIVE calls were available, but they were all reported as "zero dollars".


So I still can't check how I'm being charged.  And the fact that the person who called me today actually didn't know the facts about the "solution" she was proposing for me, I'm not at all happy about taking these so=called $0.00 charges on trusr!


Nevertheless, I was given an extra $100 recharge for my trouble - but...the total recharge credit expires, apparently - in 6 days time!



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: How to find out exactly how much is charged to Cap Credit for a voice call on Cap Encore prepaid?

Hi db44,


Do you have the reference number for the complaint that was raised about this? I'd like to speak with your case manager and check the details of the outcome, because I agree that it does not seem satisfactory.


Feel free to PM me.

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