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I cannot email accounts dept

I want my credit directly deposited into my bank account or PayPal. I have moved to Greece and do not wish to make a costly phone call to request this. Your online support team cannot assist me and I have had many online chats with no satisfaction from them. Accounts department have no email contact.... shocking! I am disgusted with this service. My account number was <removed to protect your privacy
My email <removed to protect your privacy
I would like Fiona Hayes to reply to me via email

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Re: I cannot email accounts dept

First, please for your own sake and security, remove privacy details from your post...

Second, you made my day!!! Do you really think that Fiona reads posts here? And that she replies personally? Just suck it up and call them, there is no e-mail address (at least that we here are aware of) for accounts departments... And be assured, Telstra is not the only company with such limitations... My main banking institution does not accept e-mail communication in relation to accounts either. Why? E-mail is inherently insecure... Got it???
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