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I have a Bundle with Foxtel from Telstra included

Congratulations for keeping up the average! Now 5 months in a row you have got our billing wrong! All too hard? Keep getting charged twice for the same Foxtel service. Alignment problem??? Really how hard is it. And Complaints , easier to get hold of ASIO! Need to talk to someone in Australian with some intelligence instead of a cheat sheet!

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Re: I have a Bundle with Foxtel from Telstra included

Hi Steve,

Sounds like a pretty poor experience!

In all honesty if you've gone through the front-line complaints process and 5 months on you are still having to call to get your bill fixed I would look at involving a higher level complaints area, perhaps via the TIO.

I'm not normally one who refers people to the TIO, but 5 months to fix a billing issue is a bit too much.
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Re: I have a Bundle with Foxtel from Telstra included

Similar issues,every month for the last 5 or 6 i have to check my bill, explain to someone the $200 or $300 charge error, go throught he whole credit debacle just to get next months bill and do it all again.


My biggest issue is this offering of "Better for Less " Bundles over the phone, never better , never cheaper and no written contract ???


I am now locked into a worse bundle then my previous one till 2017 !!!!!!!


Seriously considering paying my way out to be done of this drama.


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Re: I have a Bundle with Foxtel from Telstra included

If you sign up online, you agree to the contract in a digital form,

If you sign up over the phone, you agree to the contract in a voice signiture (Verbal Agreement),

the only time you will sign a contract would be instore and often that is in a digital form also.


You should recieve a CIS (Critial Information Summary) which is the full details of the agreement, the pricing, inclusions and exclusion and the like. 


It am unable to help with the issue you are having, I would suggest raising a complaint if you haven't done so (it can be done online: here -, See if they are able to resolve the issue you are having for you.


If you don't have any luck with complaints you can contact the TIO as suggested for the first poster, however usually the TIO will require an open or unresolved complaint reference number before they will be able to assist. They prefer you give the Telco's complaint team to resolve the issue before they will deal with it. 


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