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Is it possible to deduct monies owed by Telstra?

I joined Telstra in January this year (2018) As part of my package a free month of Netflix was included.  I didn't use it, mainly because I already had a current account with Netflix. I informed Telstra I didn't wish to continue with Netflix because of this reason and I was told they would terminate the account. 


However, the following month my bill listed a Netflix payment and after ONE hour on the phone, mostly in hold I was promised my account wouldn't show a Netflix payment again, plus I was given a refund for overpayment. BUT if it did reappear I should phone again. As expected it did again appear the following month.


So back on the phone and an instant replay of last month, Mostly on hold. The person I spoke to was surprised this could happen and promised to fix it, BUT fix it be damned, it appeared the following month. By now I'd had enough and when I was told to phone again, I asked that somebody phone me. I used Facebook to lodge this complaint, why not? nothing else had worked, I hoped it may bring about a little action. Surprise surprise, It didn't  My bill arrived today and sure enough, for the 5th month it's there again.


Now comes the sob story, I'm a disabled Vietnam Veteran on a 80% war service pension. My wife and I literally live from pension day to pension day. Every dollar we have is accounted for every month, it's because of my disability and being bedbound that I'm allowed the luxury of a $99 Internet connection, I'd literally go stir crazy without it. That extra $14 a month could be used to allow my wife an appointment with a physiotherapist, and no, it's not refundable via Medicaire. If anyone finds that hard to believe they're obviously not an a pension. 


I need that deduction stopped, but know damned well that if I subtract it from this month's bill Telstra will simply disconnect my Internet until I cough up. In my first month of joining Bigpond I received a digital phone call telling me to pay an outstanding $3 someone forgot to charge me. The digital voice informed me that if it wasn't paid I'd be disconnected. If that was over a lousy $3, what do the do when it's $60. Hang Draw and Quarter me?  


I refuse to spend any more time waiting on the end of a phone line holding hands with someone who's supposedly helping me. I've had enough of that, Telstra know the problem, they know who I am (I've proved it on numerous occasions) so WHY can't some Telstra worker remove their digit and cancel the bloody thing, and give me a refund for the 4 months of payments I've made.  Basically they are scamming me, what they're doing would be classed as illegal if the tables were turned. I don't have the energy or need to sit holding a phone for yet another hour or even 20 minutes, this matter should take no more than 30 seconds, type in my details and press a button, story over. But will it happen? I think I already have that answer.


I'm considering calling the Ombudsman, I'm sure he will get this sorted out very quickly, it's not as if it's going to put me in Telstra's good book. After this fiasco I must be in their Bad Book and I honestly feel like making myself Number One in said book. I'm way past caring what they think, because they sure as heck couldn't give a damn about me and what I think. 


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Re: Is it possible to deduct monies owed by Telstra?

Hi @Stubaz


Very sorry to read about your ongoing billing issues and lack of resolution. This is certainly not the type of service we expect.


Regrettably, due to privacy and security reasons we are unable to access most account related information directly via. Crowd Support as a whole.


If you wanted to raise a complaint and have a case manager assigned to your account I recommend you do so via the following link: 


Please let us know how you go.


- Jimmy

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