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Late Payment Fees

Very disappointed with Telstra's late payment policy.


Firstly, organising a 'payment extension' doesn't mean you avoid the late payment fee. According to Telstra staff, it simply ensures that your service isn't cut off. But seriously, what kind of company cuts off the service of a long-time customer when a bill is paid a few days late anyway?


I get paid monthly on the 25th, and my Telstra bill is always due on the 20th, so I wanted to change the date to make it easier to pay on time. I was happy to pay the five days difference. But even after repeat requests, Telstra continue to say a flat-out 'no'. I know it's my responsibility to pay on time, but Telstra have absolutely no interest in making it easier for their customers.


During a recent chat with a Telstra rep I was told the policy had changed and that payment could now be made 14 days late without incurring a fee. So, with this in mind I paid my bill on the 26th. But lo and behold, my next bill included a $15 sting, and when I contacted Telstra I was told that the information given to me was incorrect, and a $15 credit was applied to my account. This credit is appreciated, but I'm looking for a long-term solution, not a month-by-month band-aid fix.


So basically, I'm back to square one. I get that this is company policy, and that as a big corporation Telstra are under no obligation to change it (even in the face of a class action), but I'm still staggered by how unflexible they've been. It really isn't a great way to keep customers, and keep them happy. I just think, if Telstra knew how far a bit of good will can go these days, they could really benefit.


End of rant!

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Re: Late Payment Fees

Hey @canteloupe,

understand your rant.


Kind of like being able to have the NRMA change your payments for your road, home and contents insurance to be all paid on the same day of the month (we pay by the month), or spread out.


We wanted our new car insured, and the insurance says didn't match the other payments time cycle, so we merely had to make one "make-up payment" for a few days so that everything matches up. Now we pay all of our NRMA insurance on the one, predictable date that matches up with our finances.



I know what it's like, LOL,  your electricity, water, and land rates, and then the rego on the car all fall at once, and you would like to change the cycle, so that you don't get all the bills at once.


It's not like you AREN'T going to pay, you just want the billing cycle to change, even if you have to make a "make-up payment", right?


What you *could* do, is go into credit, by paying ahead, but this means that *you* have to make all the effort, instead of Telstra meeting you half way.






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Re: Late Payment Fees

Hey @Wanglese, yeah, you're spot on. I was just disappointed by Telstra's complete disinterest in (to use your words) meeting me halfway, and letting me make a 'make-up payment' to adjust the due date of future bills. Disappointed but, to be honest, not surprised.


Ah well. 


And on the subject of late payment fees, it should be noted that Optus policy gives you 35 days after your due date to make payment before a fee is issued. Pretty generous! Telstra, take note. Hopefully something comes of this class action.

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Re: Late Payment Fees

I have just cured the problem.

I have sacked Andrew Pen and his entire corporation.

Now thats people power.


I don't understand why I kept this provider on the books for so long. 

I have employed a new carrier and now enjoy a better and cheaper bundle with NO late payment grab.






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Re: Late Payment Fees

I just paid my bill via bpay over the long weekend.  I was one day late however because of easter and the long weekend telstra didn't get my money from the bank for 5  days.  I also relized that I had a late payment fee on the previous bill as that was 2 days late, $30 in 2 months, not happy. I am of the understanding that on the first bill of your contract you pay a month in advance so therefore I am acually still paying in advance for the service they will be providing for next month, hence I am not late.

The fee should not occur untill your new cycle starts ie: 2 weeks overdue. That would be fair. If a class action starts let me know.

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Re: Late Payment Fees


Hey @loki1,


If I were you, I'd ring up and ask them to waive the late fee due to the easter weekendf delay. You might get someone to pay attention.  Can't hurt. It's not like you created the Easter Weekend.



If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
Any opinions I express or advice I give are purely my own, and don't represent Telstra.

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Re: Late Payment Fees

First time to use this service. Not sure if this is the right place to lodge my complaints about the bad customer services of Telstra.

I had some problem with my Telstra cable broadband services recently. I called 132200 for technical support. During the 20 minutes support call, my internet services stopped twice. When the internet was working and I was waiting, I logged on to Telstra and found that I had a $300+ bill pending, including one $15 late payment fee for the bill I thought I have paid. Not sure what had happened to my payment, I called Telstra billing, I was told that I did pay my December bill, hence the later payment fee.  I told the billing consultant (not sure it was here position) that my Telstra service had been very unreliable recently, and she asked me to talk to Telstra complaint department (first time heard the existence of this department), after I talked to a lady, my call was redirected to a case manager. The case manager started lecturing me about my responsibility of check bills, etc. The customer complaint case manager's attitude angered me and made me understood why Telstra customer services were so bad because the customer service culture at Telstra is very bad: all problems were customer's fault!

I heard that there will be a class action against  Telstra later payment fee and I will try to find out more about the class action and join it.

Another thing I have determined to do is that as soon as my Telstra broadband contract expires, I will shift to other ISP providers!!!


A very disappointed Telstra customer of more than 25 years!!!

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