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My Veda Credit Account

Ive paid outstanding bill in full.

Is it possible to check if Telstra has sent a updated credit status to veda? and if so, how long should this take?

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Re: My Veda Credit Account

If you have paid the amount in full, then you should have a receipt or reference number... Contact Telstra to formally request that they provide an updated status to Veda Advantage, then contact Veda Advantage and provide them with the reference number or a copy of the receipt.


I'm not sure how long the process is, but as long as you have paid the total outstanding amount and you have proof of this (in the form of a receipt or reference number), you can have your credit status updated accordingly...



Edit: Veda Advantage's telephone number is 1300 762 207 - give them a call during business hours and they should be able to confirm if Telstra have provided an updated status or not... You will need your Veda Advantage account/reference number (which may or may not be the same as your Telstra ccount number).


If Telstra haven't provided Veda Advantage with an updated status, give Telstra a call or post back here and one of the Telstra staff will assist you further...

NEVER post personal or sensitive information in these forums (or ANY forums, for that matter!), not even in response to Telstra staff - this includes (among other things) telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, PINs or passwords, serial numbers, names, account numbers, addresses or birthdates.

If in doubt, don't post the information OR ask the Telstra staff if you should post the information - BEFORE you post the information.
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Re: My Veda Credit Account

Hi Traz,


This forum is generally for customers to seek help from other customers regarding their Telstra Products and services.


I know that, generally, we update the listing to "Paid" when payment is received, usually within 48 - 72 hours of receving payment (I assume it was only listed, and not sold to an external company).


You can contact Telstra on 132200 (or via Facebook or @Telstra on Twitter) and request that the consultant speak with the "Agency Support Team" who can check the default listing. Hope this helps!


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