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New phone account, charged twice for the same billing cycle

Hi, I’ve just been on the phone to billing in regards to my 2nd bill with a new account (leasing plan) however in the first bill I was charged from the 12/04 - 11/05 and also from 12/05 - 11/06 this bill was well over $500 which I kind of expected.


2nd bill comes in and it’s $226 and it’s for the same billing cycle as the previous bill 12/05 - 11/06 I’m confused how I am expected to pay double the amount for the same billing cycle, however I called billing services and I was told the first bill was pro-rata plus a mont in advance, which was the May/June account, but I’ve been charge May/June again, I was told by Zeek (Overseas Clearly) this was like a bond payment and it would be credited once I cancelled the service, but I wouldn’t be cancelling the service I would be continuing it on with another phone and contract which means Telstra are scamming people for extra money, so in 2 bills my phone bill has been almost $800.


where in the contract does it state that I will be charged 2 of the same billing cycles and one is used as a bond, if I recontract my phone and account again in 18 months, I get stung again with the same reoccurrence issue, so I’m paying Telstra more than I am supposed to!!!!


Not happy, can someone please contact me (From Australia) and explain this to me as I’m feel I’ve been ripped off and people are not aware of this happening.


thank you - <removed for your privacy>

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Re: New phone account, charged twice for the same billing cycle

Hi @Bwitched78


We have information regarding charges on your first bill at


Please don't hesitate to reply if you have any further questions.

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