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No easy way

There seems to be no easy way to get in contact with telstra to setup phone and Internet in a new residential home. I rang on a Sunday night, waited about an hour until I got answered, only to be put back in the queue for another 30 minutes just to be told I had to ring back during the week, which I can't do as I'm at work and can't just sit on hold all day long. Requested a call back first thing in the morning on Monday, which never happened. Tried calling at lunch to have the automated message tell me the call centre is loading and will be experiencing greater than normal delays.


I'd go into a store, but none near where I work, and I'd go near one at home, but they would be closed by the time I get home. So what is one to do? Given I only have mobiles to be able to call telstra on, I almost go through my plan/credit just for sitting on hold.


Thoughts/suggestions/ideas? I need a phone line and desperately need Internet.

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Re: No easy way

Heya Moosh,


I am very sorry that you have had so much trouble trying to speak with us to organise a new home phone and broadband connection. Smiley Sad


We are currently experiencing a very high traffic, however this should not have detracted from your promised call back.

Normally, you would have the option of chatting with us 24/7 via Live Chat, however, it is temporarily unavailable at this time and appreciating you are using mobiles with limited credit, I am happy to assist in getting the ball rolling.


Moosh, I have sent you a PM and look forward to assisting you further. Smiley Wink

Renee Smiley Happy
Telstra Social Media Team, Adelaide 

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Re: No easy way

And even organising with the very helpful Renee, I still did not receive my call at a time that suited me as that time did not suit Telstra due to lack of staff at the time... So continues the wait for my call back. Third time lucky? I do hope so. That's if my return private message with the details with a new time for a call back is even received and responded to.


 Oh, and by the way, the sign in using facebook button does not work on mobile safari, at least, it didn't last night after an hour from when I was expecting call number 2.

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