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No more data sharing plans are big mistake. How to get telstra to understand this?

Hi everyone,


i have tried this through rough complaints but they have closed it off.


are you like my family negatively impacted by the cessation of shared data?


currently under shared data we have 2 phones and 2 additional tablets giving us 25gb. We seldom come close to exceeding except for Christmas holiday period. we use tablets a lot to operate business related activities it is too hard to do this on mobile phones as screen size is impossible.  Data sharing suited us perfectly as we could not say any particular device needed data at any time.


now new plans are not data sharing plans have stripped this feature out. Because we cannot practically use hot spotting due to mobile reception problems that drain batteries too quickly we are forced to massively increase costs by selecting plans that allow the total data on each device. This is because we cannot predict which device and which family member needs heavier data at any time.


This is in effect massively increases our costs. I am estimating by at least half as much again, but could be as much as doubling our mobile data costs. A single dongle would be be impractical as we cannot be sure which family member needs data at any time too.


Telstra are refusing to understand this is a massive imposition on families and small businesses.


how can we get this message through to those designing bills and marketing to revise their assumption that removal of data sharing is a anything but a bad marketing act. Because lime us, although I wan5 go stay with Telstra, I am now looking for another supplier.


why is the advice from complaints to take this to the ombudsman? 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: No more data sharing plans are big mistake. How to get telstra to understand this?

Data sharing plans disappeared about 12 months ago. That is when they introduced "Peace of Mind" data instead.


The Ombudsman has no control over plan offerings, only if the company fails to provide what is contained in the plan. It is a commercial decision by the business.

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