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Not sure if scam call or not?

I recently received two calls this week for the same reason but am unsure if it is a scam. the first caller said that i would be getting homephone and nternet benefits over the next week, they knew my address and general details and asked me to confirm that i am an Australian resident by provding them with ID so i gave them my licience number, they told me to hang up and 2-3 minutes later someone would call to further confirm everything but realising it seemed fishy i hanged up and unpluged the phone for that day not answering any calls. A couple of days later another gentleman called for the same reason, but this time he said it would be for a month and asked for ID again but i hanged up before i gave any information, They did not ask me for my bank details, just my date of birth, confirming that i am at least 18 years old and my name etc. I think they mentioned something about my new service provider being Prism Telecom but besides that all i have is what they told me to write down which was the benefits e.g. unlimited internet at 20mbps, free local calls, line rental for 84.95 etc and also their names and the recording number of the call. I have done some research but have not seen anything on any benfits Telstra is provding and i have not recieved any written notice either, therefore, i am unsure if this call was legitimate or some sort of scam?

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Re: Not sure if scam call or not?

It would like they are Telemarketers from another company... some of the less reputable providers will pretend to be from Telstra and will try to trick you into swapping providers. They will ask you for your DOB and licence details so they can take your phone number and internet from Telstra and change it to the new provider and lock you into a contract with them... they are usually very specifically scripted so that they just meet the barely minimum requirements of being clear.

If you don't want to change providers, I would just give a call to Telstra and get them to note on the account you have not given permission for the new company to take your internet and phone service and they will put a hold on any requests to churn...

If you get any calls again, ask them to provide you a reference number and tell them you will call Telstra to confirm and usually they will either hang up or then be honest about what they are actually doing...


But yeah, Prism Telecom are one of the biggest ones at these sorts of decieful sales tactics, but usually get away with it because they use other companies to run the call centers and "don't know what is happening"

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Re: Not sure if scam call or not?


This is a good read with regards to whether or not it's actually Telstra calling you.
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Re: Not sure if scam call or not?

if its telstra then ask them a challenge question  like the year of your birth.


but then they can't get anything right regardless. their stupid account website is down and that tablet i was meant to get hasn't turned up.

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