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PrePaid Mobile Recharge

As a new customer to Telstra it has taken me over four hours of using the 24/7 chat system and calling 1258880 to try to find out why my Online Account would not allow to me  recharge two PrePaid registered mobile phone sthat are on my account using the same credit card. The only way around it was to register two different credit cards.


I can't believe that a tech company of the likes of Telstra can have such a convuluted payment system that does not take one card for all payments. The whole system is slow, does not refresh or clear its caches and to solve it one has to logout and log back in. Or as suggested by the 1258880 call centre  operator (much to his delight) " your computer is at fault and not synching correctly, so shut down the computer and restart"... and no it did'nt solve the problem.


So David Thodey please update your eCommerce system to something that makes for a good customer experience, rather than the broken system that now exists.


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Re: PrePaid Mobile Recharge


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