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Query regarding payment plans

If I buy a cell phone from Telstra can I close my payment dues before the  24 month period?

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Re: Query regarding payment plans

@Thalish Interesting question, I'm not sure myself.


Its interesting in that if you left you would have to pay what was owed, which is what you want to do anyway. But staying I would've though any extra payments you make would just be added as credit to your account.


I'll watch the answers with interest :-)

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Query regarding payment plans

Hey Thalish, welcome to CrowdSupport.


On our new plans, there's no lock in period for the service, just the handset. If you leave Telstra, you'll pay out what is owing on the handset. You'll also forfeit any monthly contribution Telstra was making to the cost of the phone for the number of months remaining in the contract.


If you make payments in advance, they sit in credit over the whole account, and new charges will be deducted from the credit amount. Any amount paid in advance wouldn't be attributed toward the handset specifically until the repayment for the handset is cancelled, resulting in a lump sum, or the service is ported to another provider, also resulting a lump sum.


Hope this helps.

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