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Reconnecting after recent outage w/Replacement Modem & related issues

I too am having "newly developed to me" speed issues.

My ADSL2 is fed from the Edge Hill exchange -just on one km from where I live-here in Cairns.

FACT: Before the recent 7 days of outage I experienced, my Telstra Speedtest was just on 25Mbps Download Speed and 4Mbps Upload. This test I ran quite a few times after being told by a Telstra Tech guy on phone from Telstra that I HAD been connected to NBN as of 24 Feb 2016. I had NOT noticed any "lightning Speed" as the ISP's-Inc Telstra-all appear to advertise !! So after the Telstra guy told me I WAS on NBN I thought " xxxx " well with top Download Speeds of 25Mbps I think all the ISP's should JUST SHUT-UP about NBN Smiley Happy

So along came our recent internet outage which after just on a week of no service, I rang and complained a 3rd time and said how about a replacement Modem AND an email with written confirmation of immediate " release " from any early cancellation FEES if I now OR in future choose to LEAVE Telstra due to the bad / totally unreliable supply of service which CLEARLY contravenes the 24 month contract to supply. After I held a couple of minutes during calling cancellations dept while adviser discussed with supervisor they agreed to my requests..and yes I received such email within 5 mins after I finished call.



So after I installed new modem, got online again, I thought bloody SLOW is this !

I ran Telstra Speedtes 4 times each about an hour apart and 3 times a day since and EACH TIME my Download Speed shows 8 Mbps and 0.4 Upload Speed !!!!!!!!!!!   

So after getting the email from Telstra yesterday apologising for the outage and saying I will receive a credit of $25.00 on my account soon..yeah right-so that is really a credit which represents 1 week of the $90.00 per month bundle cost in broad I would ask now "what about the inconvenience experienced-the stuff for which I had to use my mobile phone to do and would you believe I spent $28.00 MORE than usual in that time period on my prepaid mobile phone-which IS NOT with Telstra...cos they are too expensive for call costs on their mobile phone services.

I will phone Telstra today-looking forward to the wait for them to answer the call Smiley Happy

I WILL report outcome on this forum .

I HOPE this post will help fellow members on here. Cheers guys.

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Re: Reconnecting after recent outage w/Replacement Modem & related issues

To clarify above post NBN comment-I HAVE CONFIRMED with Telstra 2 weeks BEFORE the recent outage that EDGE HILL exchange IS NOT on NBN as yet so neither is MY service ! That means while ANY of us are still on ADSL2 in regional areas the SO ARE MOST OTHER ISP PROVIDERS-and because of them all having to RENT LINES from you-know-who-their internet products are also still typically more expensive than Telstra-so forget changing yet-when you see the press/TV ads for a crapload of Gb data and unlimited phone calls etc, they are ALL charging more to provide services to those of us in "regional locations"..check the fine print ! This WONT CHANGE UNTIL NBN is avail' in our regional areas. BUT I reckon that as Telstra has now lost that Air of "We have the most reliable service and widest network-SO BUGGER 'EM - LET 'EM PAY FOR IT" maybe Telstra will have to work for the money as they will be "in da trench" with the other ISP providers who will NOT have to pay fees to Telstra to rent lines in order to reach out and offer their services to internet/phone customers .....
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Re: Reconnecting after recent outage w/Replacement Modem & related issues

After I posted my above post re Reconnecting after Outage.. I called tech help on 133 933. Only had onhold music about 8 mins. Then an adviser went thru the basics of checking by asking me questions about times of day that Iran Speedtests looking to poss' network congestion issues based on time of day etc etc.  So having eliminated all that stuff she said she had run speedtest, that I was getting Download speeds of 10Mbps and from Telstra's perspective that was acceptable for ADSL. I told her that while on line to her, I had run speedtest and that I got 8.24 & 8.27Mbps. BUT as I said to her I was calling her this morning to ask WHY before the outage and new modem was I regular testing and getting 24Mbps & 25Mbps? Why also did Telstra Senior Tech adviser "Hugo" who actually RANG ME FROM TELSTRA in March this year and said quote " You ARE on NBN and you ARE GETTING 25Mbps which we deem acceptable for you" UNQUOTE. Telstra DO of course have ALL conversations on record-so IF THEY WANTED they could open those records !!  Of course since then as mentioned in above posts they have since confirmed that my ability to connect via NBN is delayed indefinitely anyway. So TODAY the first adviser I spoke with said "Mmmm, yes I hear your question" then she volunteered her intention to hand me over to a superviser for further investigation. I add that at no time during the call was I upset or exhibiting ANY sort of pisst-offedness as that doesn't result in anything positive anyway Smiley Happy

So a second lady came on line identifying herself and indicating she is a Superviser and would like to try to help.

She went away a couple of minutes a-during which I saw my Modem do a couple of restarts.

Her response was that she had " gone into my supplying exchange" and run some tests to see if any ports were avail' which may help speeds by doing some changes with connection at exchange.

She also re-ran Speedtest and got 13Mbps. I re-ran Spedtest and told her I had 12.85Mbps. She said that was SO much better than the 8Mbps I had gotten earlier. BUT KNOW THIS GUYS... She ALSO told me the particular supplying exchange is ONLY CAPABLE OF AN ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM SPEED OF 15Mbps of ADSL2   !!!!!

That capacity is IRRESPECTIVE of any other factors such as your distance from the exchange etc...

How many Telstra customers around the Cairns area who are "fed" from the Edge Hill Exchange are indeed aware of that?   How indeed had both myself AND Telstra's HUGO got 25Mbps test results?

Also let's not forget the TELSTRA FULL-PAGE FULL-COLOUR (costly) feature advertisement in the Cairns Sun Newspaper in MARCH-yes MARCH- this year which "Heralded the NBN NOW AVAIL to ALL TELSTRA BROADBAND CUSTOMERS WHO ARE SUPPLIED VIA THE EDGE HILL EXCHANGE" ..."JUST CONTACT US NOW FOR IMMEDIATE CONNECTION TO THIS" and so forth.......

So indeed HOW had HUGO been able to "confirm" I was getting 25Mbps-consistently- back 2 months before the recent outage-WHICH WAS ALSO THE RESULT I HAD GOT WHEN I RAN THE TESTS- let alone HOW was he able to confirm I HAD been on NBN since the 2nd or the 24th of February 2016????   So FROM 25Mbps, then 7 days of nothing and now new modem and a whopping 12Mbps-fed from a 15Mbps max' (Edge Hill) exchange.  This is all just not a great experience Telstra. It DESERVES more than a mere $25.00 account Credit and with the gross mishandling of consumer advices during the Outage-what the hell were your Customer/Media Release team doing in that time?  So NO I am certainly not satisfied AT ALL with my meagre account credit of $25.00 OR the quality of service supplied. 


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Re: Reconnecting after recent outage w/Replacement Modem & related issues

What type of internet service do you actually have as Im trying to workout the original speedtest results? You cannot get 4mpbs upload (capped at 1.2mbps) on a Telstra ADSL2 or 2+ connection and highly unlikely you would hit  the 24mbps (which is the adsl2+ cap) unless you were pretty much nextdoor to the exchange


All current NBN serviceble areas in Cairns are Fibre To The Premises. If your modem is plugged in via its WAN port into a white box NBNco installed on a wall in your house you have NBN. If still plugged into the telephone socket it is ADSL



The Standard Telstra NBN package provides Up To 25mpbs download and Up To 5mbps upload which makes more sense of the original results but from what you are syaing it was bigpond ADSL tech support you spoke to today

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Re: Reconnecting after recent outage w/Replacement Modem & related issues

After my phone call with telstra this morning which I told about on my post on here a couple of hours ago in which I eneded-up having my ADSLspeed confirmed by Telstra as 12Mbps-yet BEFORE latest outage my speed was regularly checked and was 25Mbps,NOTE also that again the "Superviser" at Telstra told me that NBN was still NOT avail at my feeding exchange (Edge Hill-Cairns Qld) and there was NO ADVICE AS TO WHEN it would be avail.

NOW... I happened to go out to the shops 45 minutes after I hung-up from the call with Telstra this morning. In my letterbox today was a glossy brochure. 

" BIG NEWS-NBN HAS ARRIVED" NBN has arrived in selected areas of Earlville, EDGE HILL,( etc etc other suburbs) and your local TELSTRA TEAM is stopping-by to help you make the most of it" the brochure was headed.....

BUT GET THIS GUYS: Turn the brochure over and I see " Our NBN Bundle L is a really BIG DEAL ! (yeah I find the whole bloody Telstra NBN a "xxxxxxx L" Big BunGle...) It says " Our NBN Bungle L is our best value NBN Bungle EVER"   Geez guys's their ONLY NBN Bundle EVER had so far for NBN......

So BunGle L..oops, I meant BunDle L : 1000Gb Broadband - worded as 500Gb + BONUS 500Gb For 24 Months ( they really MUST think we are all looking at that crap and going WOW.... 500BONUS Gb's-aren't Telstra just awesomely generous!!! ) ;  Fast Home Wi-Fi; Plus Free Telstra Air til June 30 ( nothing new about that and they STILL DON'T CLARIFY exactly WHAT part of your Air usage IS INDEED FREE...) Unlimited Standard Local Calls,National and Mobile Calls; and Telstra TV-excludes content & data usage fees ( so WHAT exactly "FREE TELSTRA TV" gives us is a bit unclear to me...)    So ALL THAT for just $99.00mth

Gosh...I am now hopping mad with Telstra.      


Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Reconnecting after recent outage w/Replacement Modem & related issues

Hi Onionhead,


I am very sorry to see that you have been so dissatisfied with your recent experience with Telstra. It seems from what you have said that NBN is available within selected areas of Earlville and Edge Hill which may not have come up on the search that was conducted by us on the phone earlier this morning. If you'd like to have another chat with us, you can call the NBN team directly on 1800 834 273.


You can also place an order for a bundle online, here:


I hope this information clarifies somewhat - please let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist.


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