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Refund (over paid my bill)

last week i paid $430 on my bill on Broadband Bundle.
The bill was for $300 and i over-paid $130.
So i wanted the $130 back into my bank account or the debit-card i had paid the bill with.
I chatted with online support, and got told to give the credit department a call, so i did..
I spoke to a Lady and she said it was fine, i could get it in a cheque or sent to my bank account.
Gave her my BSB/ACC details and so forth..


Few days past,,
Thought the money would of gone into my bank account by now,
So i asked chat support and they could help enough to tell me that its been sent and gone into the account.

But nothing was in my bank account..

So i called up the credit department and spoke to a guy, he couldnt tell me any details or the trasnaction NOTHING at all...
After asking him about the issue and he wasnt any help i asked of him to put me on to the manager please, what does he do? He hangs up on me..

I then called up again and got another person who couldnt evebn find the transaction and didnt seem like he knew what he was doing...

Can someone help me as this just makes me want to leave this ISP, it really does.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Refund (over paid my bill)

Hi maskzergon,


I'm really sorry to hear about this experience and can appreciate how frustrating it must be.


Have you received the refund or is this issue still ongoing?



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