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Reimbursement for lack of service

A few weeks ago I had issues with my landline and bigpond which were resolved by a Telstra tech.

It turns out that there was damage to the wiring at several points on my street which lead to a complete lack of landline service, and a bigpond connection that was unstable to a point of being unusable.


Getting a tech sent out took about a week, but we were without phone or internet for about 3 weeks altogether.


What are my options (or chances) of receiving some sort of reimbursement on my bills due to basically having none of the service I paid for that month?


I've tried ringing support at different times nearly every day so far but have been promised stupidly long wait times each time, and as such do not want to hang around on the phone for an hour just to maybe get a "nope, sorry!".


edit: I have just organised another tech to be sent out because our landline has dropped out again ("either at the exchange or in your street"), and has somehow left me with my line crossed with someone else's. The phone will ring and if I answer I'm listening to someone else's conversation.

This will equate to a good 4 weeks overall with no landline service now.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Reimbursement for lack of service

Hi Marcoos,

Sorry to read you've had so much trouble with your services recently, that certainly sounds frustrating. 

Regarding a rebate for the period of time you were without service you can request this via a billing consultant.

They can either help you on 132200 or you can chat with them live now here

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