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Service levels has declined markedly

I've been a Telstra customer for many years utilsing bundled services. 


Over the past 12 months I've found that contacting and let alone dealing with Telstra's customer service staff borderline unbearable. I realise that Telstra has entirely outsourced its call centres offshore (I'm sure some of you know which country and my partner is from this country so I'm not in any way being discriminatory) yet each time that I've contacted Telstra I've never had my request addressed. All staff are very polite but there is any obvious competency issue and nothing ever seems to get resolved. For example:


- It took me two months to transfer my service to my new residential address around a year ago and hours on the 'phone with Telstra confirming the date as I found myself waiting around for Telstra and Foxtel on two separate occassions and no technician showed up.


- I ordered a new HDMI cable and a new Foxtel remote months ago and never received them. I contacted Telstra twice and was informed that the request had been completed. I subsequently learnt that Telstra had sent the new equipment to my old residential address (a very helpful person based in Australia informed me of this and sounded very embarrassed). Telstra have however been incredibly good in ensuring that my bills arrive at my correct address. 


- Around a week ago I changed to a new mobile plan with another provider as Telstra's current offering is not commercial in the slightest and not nearly competitive enough. Telstra made no effort to retain me as a customer and instead sent me a nice bill with a contract break fee and contacted me today seeking payment of my account. 


Apologies for the rant in this crowd forum yet I just don't know why we have to tolerate and endure such an inadequate service from our national telco and also why Telstra have outsourced everything offshore without appointing adequately trained staff. I don't believe it's an exaggeration by saying that it's a national embarrassment. 


If anyone else has had a similar experience I'd be keen to hear as I'm going to compile and contact the Investor Relations department at Telstra. 

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Service levels has declined markedly

Hi Matt76


Thanks for highlighting your concerns. 


I can see you have transferred your service to another provider, which is extremely disappointing, however understandable as we appear to have let you down. 


Was there anything outstanding that you needed assistance with? 


Kind Regards 

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Re: Service levels has declined markedly

Dear Lindy-

Thank you for your note.

Telstra kindly sent me a text message saying that me service would be disrupted unless I paid my bill - doesn't Telstra realise that I've changed provider??!

I'd like someone to contact me and I would like the break fees removed - years of loyalty to Telstra rewarded with a slap in the face, just egregious.

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