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Termination of bundle on death of customer

My 93 year old father has just been put on palliative care and has only a week or so left. I have found that in December he committed to a Foxtel/NBN/Mobile/Landline contract. He told me he kept getting calls from Telstra telling him he had to get off ADSL and on NBN, by the looks of it was talked into moving his mobile there too, wrapping his Foxtel and internet all in for  a term contract. He has two terminal diseases and had a very short time to live, why would he be committed a term contract is an interesting question.


Whilst I see there is bereavement support to end the contract, there is no mention of termination costs. Is the estate going to be expected to pay a year of NBN/Foxtel and Mobile on a deceased man. 

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Re: Termination of bundle on death of customer



Really sorry for your loss.


You can speak with the bereavement support team so that they can further assist you with this type of enquiry.



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