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Understanding your Telstra bill

Hi, in November I cancelled my Bundled service with Telstra (ie Foxtel, Landline and Internet) as I plan to be away for an extended period.   My plan was due to expire in mid-December so I understand there would be an early termination fee (ETF).   To summarize:

  • I cancelled my services on 26 November and returned my Foxtel box with understanding there would be an ETF.
  • Today (20 Dec) I noted that I have a Telstra bill to the value of $109 being the normal monthly fee for the bundled plan I was on and that:
    • The bill was issued on 19 Dec.
    • The billing period was from 17 Nov – 16 Dec.
    • The bill is due to be paid by 10 Jan 2019.

My question is thus in regard to understanding Telstra’s billing system.  Is this bill correct and (as it appears) is for the period from mid Nov to mid Dec and if so I can expect one more bill that should only comprise the ETF or are Telstra charging me incorrectly.

Thanks in advance to any assistance that can be provided  on this matter.

Geoffrey Rhodes

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Understanding your Telstra bill

Without being able to see your bill, the details that you posted make it look wrong.
If the termination date of your service was supposed to be the 26th November, then the total charges should be for the service up until that point, plus the ETF (which would probably still be pretty close to your monthly charge given that you cancelled in the last month).

To find out for sure, you really need to speak to billing, either on 132200 or
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