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Using Telstra Prepaid overseas

Hi all,


I'm hoping that someone can help me. I have recently moved to China from Brisbane and have taken my Telstra iPhone with me. Before I left, I unlocked my iphone regionally with Apple and also changed from a Telstra capped plan to a prepaid account, which was working before I left. Since I left Australia, my phone has continued to say "No Carrier". My mother contacted Telstra about this and advised that I should reset my network connections. I did this and there has been no change.


I do not know what else to do to make it work, plus I have not heard anything from Telstra about this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

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Re: Using Telstra Prepaid overseas

Check to see what network ranges your phone supports. If you put in your mobile model into here: it will have the network information and frequencies. 


You can then cross check against the matching ranges here:


You may need to update the Network carrier to match the GSM/LTE range to the China based ones, depending on what it is trying to connect to. 


China900   3G 2100 China Unicom; 3G 2100 China Mobile;4G LTE China Mobile 2500Mhz; 4G LTE China Unicom 2500Mhz; 4G LTE China Telecom 2500Mhz
China, Hong Kong (SAR)9001800  3G 2100 CSL Ltd; 3G 2100 HKT; 3G 900/2100 Hutchison; 3G 2100 SmarTone;4G LTE HKT 1800/2600Mhz; 4G LTE Hutchison 1800/2600Mhz; 4G LTE SmarTone 1800Mhz;
China, Macau (SAR)9001800  3G 2100 CTM; 3G 900/2100 Hutchison; 3G 2100 SmarTone;4G LTE CTM in 2015 ?
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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Using Telstra Prepaid overseas

Hi Amc84,


Welcome to CrowdSupport Smiley Happy 


Angela-M has provided you some good information there. However this is specifically for postpaid services. 


Unfortunately a prepaid service is not available in China. The details for networks and comparability, along with pricing can be found here:


From here, if your mobile number is important, you could look at going onto a casual postpaid option, it's just a matter of what you need to use it for. 

Have a chat to our live chat team here: to help run through some options Smiley Happy


Hope this helps.  

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