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cannot pay

i am on a disability support pension and have gotten behind on my account. I was signed up to the worst plan ever by some young bloke, that gives me 3gb a month for my pad, and 1gb for my phone. I did not have a clue about any of this, but i swear he is still having a laugh at what he signed me up for. $95 a month, and $10 per gig if you go over, now im in the red, im paying $100 a fortnight,i can not pay anymore, but i still get charged $95 a month, have only call recieving, dont enve get the 4 gig a month, but still have to pay for it, can anyone give me any advice as to how i can get out of this mess, thank you

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Re: cannot pay

Have you been in touch with the Telstra Mobile Billing team as of yet to see what they can do? I find that their live chat service tends to be more understanding to these types of situations.

Let me know if you need the link for them. It's just a simple Google search away Smiley Happy
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Re: cannot pay

Telstra have a Financial Hardship program


If you feel more comfortable speaking, you ring 132200 and you say "Payment Options" and ask to speak to a person who handles Payment Hardship.
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