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employ people in customer service that can pronounce englis

ot a random message from Telstra and I am not one of their mobile customers) offering me a less than generous mobile plan $29 over two years with 10 gigs monthly data. others are offering 30 gigs over twelve months.

Secondly My number is on the "do not call register" so are Telstra exempt from this Regulation?

They quote an"opt out of messages" number which takes you to "I think a Chinese speaking destination" where I got a recorded message as I understood "What is your pink number". yep PINK not PIN.

How about at least getting an Aussie to do your recorded messages..

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: employ people in customer service that can pronounce englis

Are you certain it was actually Telstra?


There's currently no $29 plan that i'm aware of, and unsubscribing is generally via a link, not a phone number

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Re: employ people in customer service that can pronounce englis

Sounds like a scam call to be honest.

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