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free msg's

got a txt a few weeks ago saying if i recharge $30 or more id get 3000 free msg's..ok...i recharge and i got in word only 3000 free msg's to send..i send my 1st txt and the charge came out of my main amount ($30),2nd the same 3rd 4th etc until all my $30 was gone,along the way about 5 of the free txt was used and now i have 2995 free msg's left,when i try to send a msg now i get a msg saying it hasnt gone through cause i aint got enough credit,anyone else have the same prob??

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Re: free msg's

Hi there TelstraBoy, to get straigh on top of this, you need to make direct contact with the pre-paid support tea. As a public forum, nobody here has access to personal account details etc. etc., but they should be in a position to get this sorted ASAP.


You can contact them via: tel://1258887/  or on line chat: TonguerePaid



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Re: free msg's

thanks,ik..just seeing if anyone else had the same prob,will ring them eventually,was online and thought id ask a quick question here..thanks again.

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