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scam phone call

about 2 1/2 hours ago i got a call from someone claiming to be from Telstra  saying Telstra had founhd a problem with my computer or words like that and if i with there help   fix i would lose my internet(when he said that i had to stop my self from laughing )


\i asked for his name and id number i am sud=re it isnt right  and even put me through to  someone in the it depti knew it was bs   as it hav t lost anything


i know it is a scam  i am sure even his name and id is made up   can give it if need be

 is it worth wile reporting it  and if so to who



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Re: scam phone call

There just out and out rat-bags Paul. They must have just about called everyone in Australia by now.


Mate take a look at the following link and it will guide you how to file a report.







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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.

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