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why was my fixed direct debit cancelled

I have always had a fortnightly fixed direct debit set up for both of my telstra accounts, set and forget as they recommend, just discovered today on checking my account that the direct debit for my mobile plan no longer exists and must have been cancelled within the last couple of months without any notification. My account is now overdue and I will be charged late payment fees which I find unfair due to the fact that I was not informed that my direct debit arrangement had somehow been cancelled. I usually pay a small amount each fortnight so didn't even notice it hasn't been going out of my bank account for the last 2 months. Why was I not informed about this direct debit no longer being active? I also can't access my payment history for this account for some reason, it has been that way for a long time, whenever I try to look at it online it only ever brings up my internet account payment history and says that the mobile account payment history is unavailable. Why is this? For all I know I am paying the same bills over and over because I cant see my payment history.

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