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Does Telstra have a BES offering?

Is there still a BlackBerry enterprise server available via Telstra? I want to use the Blackberry Work app (iOS) for testing emails.

Is there a Telstra service that will allow me to do this?

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Re: Does Telstra have a BES offering?

Blackberry doesn't have ios, blackberry doesn't have any relevant play store for applications
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Does Telstra have a BES offering?

Now there's a blast from the past. Haven't seen a Blackberry in the wild in a few years.


Most Blackberry apps work with standard email accounts & services. I don't think that they need the Enterprise Server any more.


Even Blackberry Phones are just Android devices these days.


I can't remember seeing anything about BES for quite a while.

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Re: Does Telstra have a BES offering?

Hello @Jupiter and @Thisischarles1 


Thank you for the responses. This is indeed a blast from the past... Alas here we are.


Blackberry do indeed still have apps. Used for enterprise Bring-Your-Own-Device cases. So these BB apps can be installed from Apple App Store and Google Play store and connected to a Blackberry Enterprise Server. See screenshot from my phone:


PNG image.png


While on a physical BB device you can connect any mail service, what I do need is access to a Blackberry Enterprise Server since that is only what that BB Work client (see screenshot) will work with. That stand alone email client needs BES.


The case: we are developers needing to test email deployment on that specific client. No current virtualisation tests (Litmus or EoA) offer tests on BlackBerry (and we understand why---this is a bast from the past).


So I still wonder: Telstra do you still have BES services available for use?

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