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Promised 50% speed boost discount upon signup

I switched from my cable service to nbn from December 2019 & upon sign up I was promised 50% speed boost price,but every month since then the bill was always charged $120 instead of the promised rate of $105.

I have been calling Telstra every month just to tell them “I was getting the 50% discount” and only then they would change my bill & every time I called I told them “please don’t let this happen again next month” and I was promised every month that it won’t happen again.

So last month because I was waiting for them to change the bill & I ended up paying late,now this month there’s a late payment charge.

Now after 6-8 times calling them I’m so sick of this crap. I tried calling them today again just to tell them to change the bill because I’m not paying $135 when I was promised $105 every month. But they told me the system was down & someone was going to call me back in around 2 hours (that was at 1pm) and I never received a call.

I’d really like a supervisor to give a call back for this matter.

This is just getting frustrating & time wasting at the same time (on top of that,my nbn is down at the moment) this is making my blood boil.

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Re: Promised 50% speed boost discount upon signup

I know its a pain, but you'll need to get on the line with telstra, no supervisor in a contact centre monitors these forums to find complaints they can pick up. 


Should be a relatively easy fix, request to speak to the disconnections team after ringing 132200, they should be more than able to fix up the bill and apply the discount moving forward.

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