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Change to Parental Controls Custom Categories

We’re removing about a dozen available categories from the customisation screen in Telstra Broadband Protect on the 24th August.


When we launched Telstra Broadband Protect Parental Controls we included the ability to customise Content Controls using the full range of available categories.


A number of those available categories are not ordinarily considered ones which Parents would choose to restrict their children from visiting, e.g. Education, or are available in the platform simply to support Business specific classifications, e.g. Non-profits & NGOs.


None of the categories being removed are included in the default High, Medium and Low Content Controls – used by more than 98% of our users.


If you are one of the customers who’ve chosen to block the removed categories and wish to find other options to block sites covered by the categories below, refer to the Select Allowed and Blocked websites section here:


Here’s the full list of categories being removed

  • Business
  • Travel
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Restaurants & Dining
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Arts
  • Job Search
  • Non-profits & NGOs
  • Government
  • News
  • Greeting cards
  • Nature & Conservation
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