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How To Change your ADSL Line Profile

What are ADSL line profiles?

ADSL line profiles provide a range of pre-set line configurations which allow you to fine tune the performance of your ADSL service. They are particularly useful if you experience drop outs or data errors with your Internet connection.


Applications like streaming video, voice-over IP (VOIP) and video conferencing are now more popular than ever. This type of application is often referred to as 'time critical'. To work at their best, time-critical applications require a stable connection so data packets arrive at their destination consistently, ensuring sounds and images flow without interruptions or pauses.

Why would I use the new line profiles?

If you find that you have frequent problems with streaming video or music services (such as Foxtel on the T-box), you might be able to reduce these problems by adding a line profile to your service.


The line profile can help to make your connection more reliable, resulting in fewer interruptions to your entertainment or any other time-critical applications including video or audio streaming. They can also make your connection to the Internet more stable and improve the general reliability of data transmissions.


It is important to note that not all drop outs can be fixed by the line profiles as not all drop outs are caused by noise interference. Some other causes of drop outs are:


  • Faulty modem
  • Missing or incorrectly installed ADSL line filters.
  • Incompatible equipment connected to the telephone line
  • Faulty internal cabling
  • Degraded ADSL signal due to a problem in the network


How do I change my profile?


To change your ADSL line profile follow the steps below:


  • Log in to My BigPond
  • Click your plan name (see image below)

plan name


  • Click Configuration and change the line configuration by clicking on the switch-button.png button to the right of your line profle choice.

Configuration page


  • Your new profile will be activated within 4 hours. You can change your profile again after approximately four hours and up to four times in a 24 hour period.


Dynamic Line Management

As more people use the internet to stream video content and connect via Voice over IP (VoIP) services, some customer applications are more sensitive to drop outs on ADSL, which can lead to complaints of instability.

Until now, customers experiencing issues with their ADSL service have either had to call us for assistance, or change the noise profile on their service themselves through My Account.

To improve the customer experience, we have begun to rollout an automated diagnostic tool to some of our ADSL customers to help optimise the speed and increase the stability of their service by reducing dropouts.

If you’re unable to access the line configuration area when you log in then it’s most likely that your service has had this tool applied. If you wish to change your line profile please get in touch with our Technical Support team on 133 933 so they can escalate this to get investigated further.


Needing further assistance with ADSL and Email problems?


Use our Troubleshooting Tool to diagnose and fix common broadband connection and email issues. You can also download our free Telstra Broadband Assistant for instant technical support for common Wi-Fi and ADSL connection issues.


Troubleshoot Now



 Video: Telstra Broadband Assistant


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