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How to activate your Telstra Smart Home starter kit

In this video we will show you how to:
- Activate your Telstra Smart Home starter kit

- Log into the Telstra Smart Home app.

- Connect the Smart Home Hub to your Wi-Fi.
- Add a Smart Home device.
- Create your first automation.

Log into the Telstra Smart Home app
On your phone or tablet, download the Telstra Smart Home App from your app store by searching for “Telstra Smart Home”. Available from iTunes for Apple users or Google Play for Android users.

Open the Telstra Smart Home App and you will be prompted to Log in with your Telstra ID username and password.

Connect the Smart Home Hub to your Wi-Fi
Plug your Smart Home Hub into a power point that's within 5 meters of your Wi-Fi modem. (Activation requires a strong connection so if you don't have a power point that's close enough you may need to move your modem).

Wait for the red light to start flashing then leave the app and navigate to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone or tablet.

Make sure Wi-Fi is on and select the Wi-Fi network beginning with 'Telstra Hub'. If you see a System message notification on your phone or tablet, tap to 'stay connected' to the hub Wi-Fi network, then go back to the Smart Home App and select your home Wi-Fi network enter your home Wi-Fi password and hit Done.

Add a Smart Home device

Your hub will now start the connection and configuring process. This can take a couple of minutes. Once your hub has been activated you can add devices. For this example, lets add a front door sensor.

First you'll Get ready to pair your devices. Select door sensors from the options in the Smart Home App, then activate pairing mode.

Remove the tab from the back of your sensor. Wait for a moment and the device will appear in the app as it pairs. A green tick appears alongside the device once successfully paired. Then press I'm finished adding my devices. Repeat these steps to add the other devices in your Starter kit.

Now your device is paired you can rename it. First select the manage icon, then choose a name. It's helpful to choose a unique name based on where you'll place the device in your home.
Create your first automation
Now that you successfully installed your door sensor will show you how to create your first automation. For this example, we’ll create an automation so you'll be sent a text message when the door opens.

In the Smart Home app, select Create New and choose which door sensor you want to be the trigger of the automation.

Choose which action you want the automation to take from the list in the app. Select send a text message when the door is opened. Now select the people you want to receive the text message. Now review the automation and if you're happy with it, press save.
To add other devices and create more automations simply follow the same steps.  


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