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How to connect to Telstra Air® overseas

This article and video explains How to connect to Telstra Air® when you are overseas.

If you logged into the Telstra Air app before you left Australia simply choose the correct Wi-Fi network the first time you enter a new country to automatically connect to overseas FON spots when in range.

If you're already overseas and didn't log into the Telstra Air app before leaving Australia, you'll need to sign in using a FON portal and your FON overseas credentials which are different to your Telstra ID.

To find your FON overseas credentials go to and login using your Telstra ID.

Select your Telstra Air Service then tap on How to Connect to Telstra Air. Choose Connect from Overseas to see a list of instructions as well as your FON overseas credentials.

Tap edit to create a new password and hit save.

Now that you have your credentials when you're in range of a FON spot, select the FON network from your available Wi-Fi settings, open a browser and log in with your FON overseas credentials.

For a full list of countries and FON Wi-Fi network names go to and follow the links to see the FON map.
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