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How to set up your Telstra Smart Home Hub

In this article, we will explain how to setup your Telstra Smart Home Hub using the Telstra Smart Home App.


Plug your Smart Home Hub into a power outlet. It will show a red light when it's ready (this may take a few minutes).

Download the Telstra Smart Home App from your app store by searching for “Telstra Smart Home”. Available from iTunes for Apple users or Google Play for Android users.

Open the Telstra Smart Home App and you will be prompted to Log in with your Telstra ID.

Once you have logged in, exit the Telstra Smart Home App and go to your device's Wi-Fi settings. Select the Wi-Fi network beginning with “Telstra hub”.

If you see a System message, tap to stay connected to the hub Wi-Fi network, then go back to the Smart Home App. The App will automatically detect the hub and progress to the next step.

Now you will connect your smart home hub to your Wi-Fi network.

The app will scan for available networks. Select your home Wi-Fi from the list, enter your Wi-Fi password and press next. The hub will then connect to your Wi-Fi (this may take a minute or two).

Once connected, your hub will be configured to work with your new Telstra Smart Home account (this may take a minute or two). And that is all there is to it!

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