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How to take a screenshot on Apple Mac OS X

This is a guide on how to capture the image on your screen or take a "Screenshot" using your Apple computer.

This can come in handy when you need help or support with a problem you are experiencing and are having trouble explaining or think a visual aid will help, from tech issues to billing issues and beyond. Here is a simple "How to" guide to follow if you are unsure on how to do this.

Unlike PC's with a Windows Operating system, Mac does not have a snipping tool however the process is fairly straight forward. There are 2 different types that are most commonly used; saving an image of the entire desktop, or just a specific area of the desktop.

To take a screenshot of the entire desktop:

Open the page or application that you want to capture an image of. 

To save an image of the entire screen to the Desktop, press COMMAND+SHIFT+3 simultaneously:


To take a screenshot of a specific area of the desktop:

Open the page or application that you want to capture an image of: 

To snip a specific area of the screen to the Desktop, press COMMAND+SHIFT+4 simultaneously. When the cursor changes to a cross +, drag a box around the section you want to copy and release the mouse:


The “Grab” option in the Utilities folder also provides more extensive options for saving screen snapshots.

You can also find great instructions with images on how to take screenshots on the Apple Support page here:

Happy Screenshotting! 

Cheers - TommyR Smiley Happy

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