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Removing Telstra Online Security



Removing Telstra Online Security


The best way to remove Telstra Online Security from your computer is to use Windows “Add or Remove Programs” feature. Never delete the program files directly as this may cause your computer to become unusable.


Step 1. On the Windows Taskbar, click Start, and then Control Panel.

Step 2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs (or Uninstall a Program in Window Vista and 7).

Step 3. In the list of programs, highlight Telstra Online Security and click on the Change or the Remove button (Uninstall/Change in Vista and 7).




 Step 4. Once the uninstaller launches, you will be presented with a dialog box asking you to enter your Telstra username and password. (This is generally your Telstra ID or BigPond Username and Password).
If you have forgotten your password, please visit




Step 5. In the Repair and Uninstaller Application, choose Uninstall all Telstra Online Security components.




Step 6. Upon clicking continue you will receive a second Repair and Uninstaller Application prompt box.
Read the message and click Continue.




Step 7. Please wait while the program uninstalls. A message appears informing you that you must restart your computer.

Step 8. Click OK. And the computer will restart automatically.
You’ve successfully removed Telstra Online Security from your computer

If you’re encountering issue with this method, please contact service assurance on 133933 or try the advanced removal tool here



Removing Telstra Safe Central/Safe Browser


The best way to remove Telstra Safe Central/Safe Browser from your computer is to use Windows “Programs and Features” in the Control Panel

  1. Click on the Start button then click on Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Add or Remove Programs
    Vista + users: use the Programs and Featuresicon in Control Panel.
  3. Click on the Safe Browser/Safe Central
  4. Click on the Change/Remove.  (Vista and Windows 7 users: Uninstall/Change.)
  5. When prompted click Next to begin the uninstall process.



6. When prompted click Uninstall.




7. When prompted click Restart Now.  Safe Browser is now uninstalled. 






Mac OS X


How do I remove Telstra Online Security from my Mac?


Step 1: Press Cmd + Space bar to open Spotlight search, and the click on Applications

Step 2: Enter Telstra Online Security Uninstaller and press Enter to launch the Telstra Online Security for Mac Uninstaller application




Step 3: Click on “Next” to start removing Telstra Online Security for Mac.

Step 4. Enter your Telstra Username and Password (Telstra ID) and then your Mac’s username and password to authorise the software removal.
If you have forgotten your password, please visit

Step 5: The software removal process may take several minutes.

Step 6: Once the removal is complete, click “Close” to close the uninstaller.




If you’re encountering issue with this method, please contact service assurance on 133933.






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