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Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi Offer

What is the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi offer?


The ‘Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi offer’ is open to eligible mobile and home broadband customers.


It provides, eligible Telstra mobile customers and home broadband customers, free Wi-Fi data at Telstra Air Network® across Australia and Fon spots overseas. It means when you’re out and about you can use free Wi-Fi data on the Telstra Air Network, Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network, within Australia and on the Fon network overseas.



You can use any Wi-Fi enabled device to connect to a Telstra Air hotspot.


Mobile device operating systems supported by the Telstra Air smartphone App:

  • Apple iOS version 7 or later
  • Android ICS version 14 or later

Web browsers supported:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11
  • Firefox 32
  • Chrome 38
  • Safari 8.0


Click here for more information on Telstra Air.


Frequently Asked Questions


Am I eligible for free Wi-Fi data with Telstra Air?

All activated Telstra Air customers, whether you activated using your Telstra mobile service of home broadband service, get free data at Telstra Air hotspots. 


If you have an eligible post-paid or pre-paid mobile service (with an active recharge) with Telstra, you will be able to sign up get this offer. Eligible mobile services include; mobile phones, BYO mobile, Mobile broadband dongles, Tablets, Mobile broadband Hotspots, Data-share sims.


Existing and new Telstra Home Broadband customers on an eligible service, who have a compatible Telstra gateway and take up Telstra Air by agreeing to the Telstra Air terms, are also eligible for this offer.


BigPond Mobile Broadband or Satellite customers and Telstra Business plans, are not eligible for this offer.


+ Handheld mobiles & SIM enabled tablets


How do I register?

  1. Download the Telstra Air app and follow the prompts to register with your existing Telstra ID and password or create a new one
  2. Once you've activated visit any Telstra Air hotspot in Australia to access Wi-Fi straight away!

If your device is unable to download the Telstra Air app or you have a SMS incompatible broadband device:

  1. Turn Wi-Fi off on your mobile or tablet and connect to the Telstra mobile network using mobile data
  2. Visit the registration page in a new browser window
  3. Follow the prompts to register with your existing Telstra ID and password or create a new one

Where can I use this offer?

After you register for the offer, you can enjoy unlimited access the entire Telstra Air Network in Australia.


Click here to find Telstra Air hotspots in your area.


+ Home Broadband


I have Telstra Home Broadband but I don’t have Telstra Air at the moment.  How do I get this offer?

So long as you have a compatible home broadband plan and gateway, you can activate Telstra Air using the 24/7 app or via My Account. If you don’t have a compatible modem or plan our Live Chat team can help you select one.


When you’re a Telstra Air member you automatically recieve unmetered access to the Telstra Air Network in Australia and Fon Spots overseas. Unmetered access means any usage of the Telstra Air Network will not count towards your home broadband data allowance.


For instructions on how to activate click here


Where can I use this offer?

You can access this offer on the Telstra Air Network, Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network as well as millions of Fon Spots overseas.


Click here to find Telstra Air hotspots in your area.

Click here to find out more about Fon.


What if I am already a Telstra Air member via my Telstra home broadband account and I have a Telstra mobile device? Do I have to sign-up again on the mobile?

No you don’t have to sign up again. Just continue using Telstra Air as you do today.


What does this offer mean if I already have Telstra Air?

Telstra home broadband customers who are Telstra Air members will also be able to enjoy the Free Wi-Fi offer with unmetered access to thousands of hotspots across Australia plus more than 17 million Fon Spots overseas during this period. Unmetered access means use of the Telstra Air Network during this period will not count towards your home broadband data allowance.


Where has my Telstra Air usage info gone in My Account? 

As this offer provides unlimited use of the Telstra Air Network until 27 March 2017, we will not be capturing any of your Telstra Air data usage during this time.


However, it is important to remember that you must stay within your home broadband data allowance when you are at home, in order to be able to access the Telstra Air network. If you are going to exceed you home broadband allowance you may want to consider using a free data top up which gives you more data to use.


Your Telstra Air usage data will count towards your usage allowance from 27 March 2017 when the Telstra Air Free Wi-Fi offer ends.


What is a Telstra ID?

Telstra ID is a login used to access many of Telstra’s online services. If you already have a username and password to log into My Account, Telstra 24x7 App, CrowdSupport, StayConnected App or AFL/NRL Apps then this is your Telstra ID.


When setting up your Telstra ID, you were able to choose your own username. As such your, or email address may be your Telstra ID username, but it is not mandatory that one of those addresses is your username for your Telstra ID.


Not sure what your Telstra ID is?

You can retrieve your username by using your email address or phone number and date of birth via our username recovery tool.


I forgot my password, can I retrieve it online?

If you do not know your password we can reset or resend your password for you via our forgotten password tool. Please note that if you have a BigPond email address as your username and we reset your password you will also need to change the password in your modem.


Still need assistance?

Take a look at our Telstra Air community for solutions or chat with our Live Chat team for assistance.


Click here for the full terms for this offer.

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