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Where to find your Wi-Fi username and password

Our Home Broadband Gateways from Telstra have Wi-Fi functionality. 


Wi-Fi is a method that your devices/computers in the home can connect to your Home Network Gateway.

Wi-Fi networks require a username and password. The default Wi-Fi password for your Gateway is located on the back of the device, and also on an "SSID Card" in the box it was shipped in. 


Wi-Fi credentials on back of modem


Wi-Fi credentials included on SSID card


If your device ever is "factory reset" it will revert back to these credentials if you have changed them.

If you do not wish to use Wi-Fi you can also connect to your Gateway directly also by using an ethernet cable.



Your Gateway will then use another standard depending on your location and plan (ADSL2+ / CABLE / NBN) to onwards connect to the internet. For your devices to have internet connectivity, both steps are required- a connection to the Gateway. And the Gateway connection to the internet.



Your Wi-Fi username and password are NOT your Home Broadband credentials.


If you are connected via Wi-Fi / Ethernet but are struggling to get online, reboot your modem.


If you are still having issues, make sure your modem is configured with the right account username and password.




Step 1. 


Retrieve your username and password for your Home Broadband account.




Step 2.


Enter the username and password from Step 1 into your Gateway GUI. Follow the instructions below for your device.

Reboot your Gateway


Step 3.

Sometimes with too many incorrect attempts to authenticate on Telstra's network, your device is "locked out".

Wait 5 minutes for the "lockout" to expire. Then validate to see if Steps 1 & 2 resolved your issues.

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